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Why Songshun Steel always be the best choice for all kinds of industry applications? Our expert engineer team will work with you to find the best steel material and technical help to help you achieve a favorable return on your investment. After almost 20 years of development and growth, Songshun Steel becomes one comprehensive special steel factory, stockist and exporter. The mold steel, tool steel, alloy steel and high speed steel are our main products, they are widely used in military industry, nuclear power, aviation, marine engineering, oil exploration, construction, heavy equipment and so on.

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Songshun Steel offers everything you need for your steel needs, including mold steel, tool steel, high speed steel, alloy steel for industry applications. full range of steel grades and types with thousands of tons of stock.

p20 steel

Mold Steel  >

  • P20 Steel
  • 1.2083 Steel
  • NAK80 Steel
h13 steel

Tool Steel  >

  • D3 Steel
  • D2 Steel
  • H13 Steel
4140 steel

Alloy Steel  >

  • 4140 Steel
  • 4340 Steel
  • 8620 Steel

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