20MnCr5 steel material

20MnCr5 is structural alloy steel with great strength, toughness and hardenability. After heat treatment, 20MnCr5 material properties are better than 20Cr. Negligible quenching deformation, good low-temperature toughness. The machinability is good, but the welding property not as well. 20MnCr5(1.7147) steel material usually is used at the state that after hardening and tempering or carburizing and quenching.

20MnCr5 Chemical Composition

20MnCr5(1.7147)0.17-0.221.10-1.40MAX 0.025MAX 0.035MAX 0.401.00-1.30

20MnCr5 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength(σb)Yield Strength(σs)Extensibility δ5 (%)Reduction of Area ψ (%)Hardness (HV)Impact Toughness αkv (J/cm2)

20MnCr5 Equivalent Material


20MnCr5 Steel Material Applications

  1. big section conditioning parts
  2. small section carburizing and hardening components
  3. small fittings for the medium load and small shock
  4. shaft
  5. gear wheel

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