1.2316 Plastic Moud Steel Round Bar Sheet Material

DIN 1.2316 plastic mold steel has 17% chromium element, its corrosion resistance and polishing performance are great, pre-hardening hardness is 34 – 40 HRC. 23616 steel material has great mechanical properties, so it is widely used in the plastic mould industry.

1.2316 Steel Chemical Composition

1.23160.380.600.131.150.36MAX 0.03MAX 0.03

2316 Steel Heat Treatment

  • Forging temperature is 105℃ – 850℃.
  • Annealing: Heat temperature is 750℃ – 800℃, keeps warm for 1h – 3h, then furnace cooling.
  • The temperature of first-time pre-heat for the quenching is 550℃ – 650℃. The second time is 800℃ – 850℃. Then raise it to 1020℃ – 1050℃. Using air cooling and oil quenching.
  • For the tempering, heating to 180℃ – 200℃, then air cooling.
  • Temperature is 200℃ – 600℃ for the second time of heating. But you need to choose the temperature according to the requests.

2316 Steel Application

  1. Die-Casting Mould
  2. Injection Mould
  3. Extrusion Die

We have our own cutting and processing equipment. Specifications can be cut and customized according to your requirements.

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