DIN 1.2714 55NiCrMoV7 AISI L6 Steel Round Bar

DIN 1.2714 mold steel was made at the base of DIN 1.2344 mould steel. So it has the advantages of 2344 steel and has better properties. It has good toughness and malleability. And it also is added the chromium to improve the toughness and fatigue resistance of the 2714 steel material. The Cr content of it is quite high, so it has great hardenability. And air cooling in the time of quenching will get the martensite structure. But its carbon content is on the medium level to make sure to get good hardness after the quenching and tempering. Meanwhile, 1.2714 steel will get good thermostability and high impact toughness. It will get secondary hardening in the high-temperature tempering, then its wearing resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue resistance will get improve.

So 2714 steel material has good properties after quenching and tempering. But if the surface of steel gets a carbon-denuded layer, it will damage the thermal fatigue resistance.

1.2714 Steel Characteristics

  1. Good toughness, strength and high wearing resistance.
  2. Good hardenability. After 820℃ oil quenching and 560℃ tempering, the hardness of everywhere is almost the same.
  3. Good polishing performance and heat-resisting property, good for the surface treatment.
  4. Great machinability. Easy to processing.

1.2714 55NiCrMoV7 L6 Steel Material Application

Compare with the 5CrNiMo, 1.2714 steel has bigger vanadium content. So its structure get refining to improve the grain size of steel, and the wearing resistance of steel will be better. So it has various applications in the industry. You can learn something about applications as below.

  1. Forming Dies and Tools
  2. Punches
  3. Hot Shear Knives
  4. Bending and Embossing Tools
  5. Hot Extrusion Tooling
  6. Hot Forging and Hammer Dies
  7. Hot Gripper Dies, and Hot Shear Blades
  8. Dies for Drop Forging Hammers & Mechanical
  9. Presses Die Molds
  10. Die Holder
  11. Piston Rods
  12. Cranks
  13. Boaster
  14. Shearing Blades
  15. Plastic Molds
  16. High-pressure Shaft
  17. Piercers
  18. Hot Forging and Pressing Tools for Steel and Metal

2714 Steel Grade Equivalent

StandardGB/T 1299-2000ASTM A681-08JIS G4404-2006EN ISO 4957-1999ISO 4957:1999

2714 Steel Chemical Composition

GB/T 1299-20005CrNiMo
0.50-0.600.50-0.80MAX 0.030MAX 0.030MAX 0.400.50-0.800.15-0.301.40-1.80
ASTM A681-08L6
0.65-0.750.25-0.80MAX 0.030MAX 0.0300.10-0.500.60-1.20MAX 0.501.25-2.00
JIS G4404-2006SKT40.50-0.600.60-0.90MAX 0.030MAX 0.0200.10-0.400.80-1.200.35-0.551.50-1.800.05-0.15
EN ISO 4957-199955NiCrMoV7
0.50-0.600.60-0.90MAX 0.030MAX 0.0200.10-0.400.80-1.200.35-0.551.50-1.800.05-0.15
ISO 4957:199955NiCrMoV70.50-0.600.60-0.90MAX 0.030MAX 0.0200.10-0.400.80-1.200.35-0.551.50-1.800.05-0.15

1.2714 55NiCrMoV7 L6 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Supply

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