42CrMo4 steel is super high strength alloy steel with high hardenability and toughness and it has no temper brittleness. And it also be called DIN 1.7225 steel. After quenching and tempering, it will get high fatigue strength. Its impact toughness is great at low temperatures. It’s a good industry material to produce big and medium plastic molds with the demand for high strength and toughness. And it can be used to make manufacture forgings that require higher strength and larger quenched and tempered section than 35CrMo steel, such as large gears for locomotive traction, supercharger transmission gears, rear axles, highly loaded connecting rods and spring clips. 42CrMo4 steel can also be used for oil deep well drill pipe joints and fishing tools below 2000m.

42CrMo4 Steel Round Bar Characteristics

  1. High strength and hardenability
  2. Great toughness, the deformation is small in the quenching
  3. It has high creep resistance and long-time strength

42CrMo4 Steel Bar Chemical Composition

GB/T 3077-199942CrMo(A30422)0.38-0.450.50-0.80MAX 0.035MAX 0.0350.17-0.370.90-1.200.15-0.25MAX 0.30MAX 0.30
GB/T 3077-199942CrMoA(A30423)0.38-0.450.50-0.80MAX 0.025MAX 0.0250.17-0.370.90-1.200.15-0.25MAX 0.30MAX 0.25
GB/T 3077-199942CrMoE0.38-0.450.50-0.80MAX 0.025MAX 0.0150.17-0.370.90-1.200.15-0.25MAX 0.30MAX 0.25
ASTM A29/A29M-0541420.40-0.450.75-1.00MAX 0.035MAX 0.0400.15-0.350.80-1.100.15-0.25
JIS G4053-2008SCM4400.38-0.430.60-0.90MAX 0.030MAX 0.0300.15-0.350.90-1.200.15-0.30MAX 0.25
EN 10083/3-200642CrMo4(1.7225)0.38-0.450.60-0.90MAX 0.025MAX 0.035MAX 0.400.90-1.200.15-0.30
ISO 683/1:198742CrMo40.30-0.370.60-0.90MAX 0.035MAX 0.0350.10-0.400.90-1.200.15-0.30
ISO 683/1:198742CrMoS40.30-0.370.60-0.90MAX 0.0350.020-0.0400.10-0.400.90-1.200.15-0.30

42CrMo4 steel

42CrMo4 Steel Equivalent Grade Chart

StandardGB/T 3077-1999ASTM A29/A29M-05JIS G4053-2008EN 10083/3-2006ISO 683/1:1987

Mechanical Properties

SizeYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongation
D≤16mm, T≤8mmMin 900 N/mm²1100-1300 N/mm²Min 10%
16 < D ≤ 40mm, 8 < T ≤ 20mmMin 750 N/mm²1000-1200 N/mm²Min 11%
40 < D ≤ 100mm, 20 < T ≤ 60mmMin 900 N/mm²900-1100 N/mm²Min 12%
100 < D ≤ 160mm, 60 < T ≤ 100mm)Min 900 N/mm²850-950 N/mm²Min 13%
160 < D ≤ 250mm, 100 < T ≤ 160mmMin 900 N/mm²750-900 N/mm²Min 14%

42crmo4 material

Heat Treatment

42CrMo4 steels bar and plate can be annealed, quenched, and forged. Here are some points that we need to know about it.

  • Forging: 1050-850℃
  • Rolling: 1050-850℃
  • Quenching: 820-860℃ / O, W (Austenitizing Period: at least 30min; Quenching Agent: Oil or Water)
  • Tempering: 540-680℃
  • Normalizing Annealing: 840-880℃
  • Soft Annealing: 680-720℃
  • End Quench Test: 850±5℃

DIN 42CrMo4 Steel Sheet Annealing

  • Heat steel grade 42CrMo4, Slowly and gradually forge it in the desired and do it comprehensively with the temperature range of 800-850°C
  • Slowly and gradually cool the furnace to the temperature of Celsius 480°C
  • Allow it to cool slowly i.e. annealing the steel in the air.

42CrMo4+qt (Quenched and Tempering)

  • Heat it slowly to Celsius 880°C
  • Soak the steel in oil at this temperature in order to quench it
  • As the steel reaches the room temperature, temper it by heating it to a desirable temperature of five hundred and sixty degree Celsius.
  • Take off the 42CrMo4 grade alloy from the furnace and allow it to cool in the air.

DIN 1.7225 Steel Material Forging

  • Preheated it slowly with uniformity
  • Elevate the forging temperature to the range of Celsius i.e. 1150-1200℃
  • Make sure to maintain the temperature of forging beyond Celsius 850℃


It can be used for statically and dynamically stressed components for vehicles, engines and machines. For parts of larger cross-sections, crankshafts, gears. And it also can be produced mining spare parts, induction hardened pins, fastener accessories, drilling equipment in oil and gas such as drill collars, etc.

42CrMo4 Steel Bar Sheet Plate Supply

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