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  • low alloy steel

Low Alloy Steel

Low alloy steel is at the base of the carbon steel to add one or several alloy elements to make its properties get better.

  • steel weight calculation

Steel Weight Calculation

Content 1.Screw Thread Steel 2.Steel Tube 3.Steel Round 4.Square Steel 5.Flat Steel 6.Hexagonal Steel 7.Steel Plate 8.Equal Leg Angle There so many types of steel in the world. Such as the screw

  • types of steel

Types of Steel

Content 1.Carbon Steel 2.Carbon Structural Steel 3.Free Cutting Structural Steel 4.Alloy Steel 5.Engineering Structural Alloy Steel 6.Machine Structural Alloy Steel 7.Alloy Structural Steel 8.Alloy Tool Steel 9.High Speed Tool Steel 10.Spring Steel 11.Bearing Steel

  • high speed steel

What is high speed steel

Content 1.What Is High Speed Steel 2.Chemical Composition 3.Grade Equivalent Chart 4.Properties and Application 5.All HSS Chemical Composition 6.High Speed Steel On Sale 7.Visit High Speed Steel Products What Is High Speed

  • steel industry

Steel Industry

Content 1.US Steel Industry 2.Influence by Donald Trump 3.Chinese Steel Industry 4.Steel Industry in India Steel Industry is an important raw material industry of the national economy. It is also the foundation

  • Heat Treatment of Steel

Heat Treatment of Steel

Content 1.Overall Steel Heat Treatment 2.Annealing 3.Normalizing 4.Quenching 5.Tempering 6.Surface Heat Treatment 7.Chemical Heat Treatment There are three types of steel heat treatment. Such as overall heat treatment, surface heat treatment, and

  • properties of steel1

Properties of steel

Content 1.Mechanical Properties 2.Strength 3.Plasticity 4.Toughness 5.Chemical Properties 6.Physical Properties 7.Shop Characteristic The properties of steel which determine the application and value. And the mechanical properties, chemical properties, physical properties and shop

  • steel composition

Steel Composition

Content 1.Carbon 2.Chromium 3.Manganese 4.Molybdenum 5.Nickel 6.Silicon 7.Tungsten 8.Vanadium 9.Phosphorus 10.Sulfur Iron-carbon alloys are called steel, which with a carbon content of between 0.02% and 2.11%. Steel chemical composition is a huge

  • stel is made of

What is steel made of

Content 1.Iron Ore 2.Scrap Steel Under the fast development of economy and science in the world, the demand of steel is increasing year by year. And the requirement of steel quality is getting

  • steel company

TOP 10 Steel Producing Company at 2018

Content 10.Shougang Group 9.Jianlong Group 8.JFE Steel Company 7.Ansteel Group 6.Shagang Steel Company 5.POSCO Steel Company 4.HBIS Group 3.Nippon Steel Corporation 2.China Baowu Group 1.ArcelorMittal According to the statistics of The World

  • what is steel

What is steel

Content 1.Cold Work Mold Steel 2.Hot Work Mold Steel 3.High Speed Steel 4.Alloy Steel 5.Carbon Steel 6.Free Cutting Steel 7.Bearing Steel Steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content between 0.04%