d3 steel

D3 steel also knows as DIN 1.2080 and JIS SKD1, which is a 12% chrome alloy steel. JIS SKD1 steel has very high wear resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear due to the high volume of hard carbides in the steel matrix, medium toughness, dimensionally stable, high compressive strength, not secondary hardenable. D3 steel composition and more information as below.

SKD1 Steel Application

application of steel

  1. Highly stressed cutting
  2. Punching tools for thin sheet
  3. Blanking and forming dies
  4. Forming rolls
  5. Drawing and deep drawing tools
  6. Slitting Knife
  7. Stone processing tools
  8. Pressure pads
  9. thermosetting plastic molding

D3 Steel Grade Equivalent Chart


D3 Steel Chemical Composition and Equivalent Grades

ASTM A681-082.00-2.350.10-0.60≤0.030≤0.0300.10-0.6011.00-13.50≤1.00≤1.00
JIS G4404: 20061.40-1.60≤0.60≤0.030≤0.0300.4011.00-13.000.20-0.50-
EN ISO 4957:19991.90-2.200.20-0.60--0.10-0.6011.00-13.00--
ISO 4957: 19991.90-2.200.20-0.60--0.10-0.6011.00-13.00--

d3 steel

D3 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

SKD1 steel requires hardening and tempering to achieve maximum properties. For maximum accuracy, the parts of SKD1 tool steel should be stress relieved after roughing operations. Stress should be relieved at 648°C (1200°F) for one hour and cooled slowly.


Annealing of SKD1 steel needs to be done in a controlled atmosphere furnace. D3 steels should be heated thoroughly to 871°C (1600°F) and cooled slowly at a rate of not more than -6°C (20°F) per hour, until the furnace is black. Then the material should be removed and air cooled.


The SKD1 steel should be cooled to room temperature and should be tempered immediately. The parts should be placed in the tempering furnace and increased slowly to the desired tempering temperature. Tempering for 1 hour per inch of thickness is required.


SKD1 steel should be heated properly since it is very sensitive to overheating and if not heated maximum hardness cannot be achieved. The work should be directly placed in a furnace preheated to 954°C (1750°F) and soaked for 20-25 minutes, plus 5 minutes per inch of thickness, and then oil-quenched to harden it.

Steel Transportation

1.2080 Steel Quality Certificate

d3 quality certificate

SKD1 Related Steel Equivalent Property

D3 Steel
Annealing Hardness ≤ 255HB, Cold Drawing Hardness ≤ 269HB

SKD1 Steel
Annealing Temperature830-880℃, Slow Cooling
Annealing Hardness ≤ 255HB
Quenching in 1030 ℃, Air Cooling, Tempering in 180 ℃

SKD1 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Supply

Round bar
Dia: 20-600mm; Length: <5800(fit 20ft container) >5800mm, 40ft container.

Surface: original black, peeled, machined/turned, polished/ grounded/milled/grinded

Steel plate
thickness: 10-600mm; width: 30-810mm; length: same as above

Surface: original black, machined/turned, polished/ grounded/milled/grinded

Stock List

D3 Steel Stock List 2020-6-11

Other specifications are determined by daily stock. Customization is also acceptable.

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