DC53 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Material

DC53 steel material is made at the base of SKD11 steel, it is a new type of cold work mold steel. DC53 steel has overcome the disadvantages of SKD11 high-temperature tempering and toughness not enough, it will replace the applications of SKD11 in the common and precision mold field. The toughness of DC53 is double SKD11. DC53 toughness is on the top of the cold work mold steel. The things of cracking are rarely happen for the tools that made of DC53 material, it raises the service life dramatically. After high-temperature tempering, the residual stress of Wire EDM will get lower. So the cracking and deformation get control for the big size mold and high precision requirement mold Wire EDM. Its heat treatment hardness is also higher than SKD11, high-temperature(520-530℃) tempering can make the hardness up to 62-63HRC. Also, the strength and wear resistance of DC53 are better than SKD11 steel.

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What Is DC53 Steel Material Used for?

  1. Precision punching die
  2. Cold forming die
  3. Cold drawing mold
  4. Roll
  5. Punch
  6. Deep drawing die

DC53 Heat Treatment


Preheating temperature for the first time is 650℃, time for heat is 30 minutes, soaking time is 2 hours.
Preheating temperature for the second time is 850℃, time for heat is 20 minutes, soaking time is the same.
Preheating temperature for the third time is 1030℃, time for heat is 20 minutes, soaking time is 1.5 hours.

The cooling way is oil cooling. Make it cool to the oil temperature, then do the processing of first tempering in time.


The DC53 steel hardness will not change much at the time of tempering at the temperature of 100-500℃. At the condition of 200℃ tempering, the hardness and impact toughness will be higher. In the tempering of 400-500℃, the hardness also be higher, but the toughness will get down sharply. The hardness can be up to 62-63HRC, during the 520-530℃ tempering, and the toughness is double of Cr12MoV. Tempering at the 600℃, the impact toughness also is high, but the toughness get down as the same, the average hardness just 52.4HRC. So the temperature of tempering should not be high.

DC53 Steel Material Chemical Composition

Grade C (%) Si (%) Mn (%) Ni (%) Cr (%) Mo (%) W (%) V (%)
Column 1 Value 1.0 1.0 0.4 8.0 2.0 0.3