AISI M35 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate, JIS SKH55, DIN 1.3243

M35 steel is high speed tool steel . It also is called SKH55 steel and 1.3243 steel. After the heat treatment, its hardness, red hardness and wear resistance can be improved.
It is a good material for making tools which can handle high impact and abrasion. And it always is used to make advanced die, screw dies, reamer, milling cutter, iron head, punch, complex shape tools with high toughness. It is easy to do the hot and cold process. After the quenching and tempering, the hardness will be the same as M42 steel . And the hardness of them is 66±1HRC and 67±1 HRC. M35 steel round bar plate sheet properties and chemical composition as below.

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M35 Steel Grade Equivalent Chart

Country USA Germany/UK/France JAPAN ISO
Standard ASTM A600 EN ISO 4957-1999 JIS G4403-2006 ISO 4957-1999
Grades M35 HS 6-5-2-5/1.3243 SKH55 HS 6-5-2-5
Delivery condition:In annealing (≤269HB), or after heat treatment (64-66HRC). Quality control: 100% UT (Ultrasonic Testing), UT Standard is SEP 1921-84 C/c.

Certificate & SGS Report

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