The shaft is one of the most important parts of machines, that was used to support the machine parts. The requirements of it would be different due to the different processing and working condition. The design of steel shaft is complicated. But the main point is we need to make it based on the working requirement, manufacturing technique and etc. Then select right grade steel material to make the structure design. After the strength and rigidity calculate, to confirm the structure shape and size of shaft.

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  1. Weather Measuring Devices
  2. Laboratory Tools
  3. High-speed Motor Shaft
  4. Drive Shafts
  5. Pump Shafts
  6. Ball Bushings
  7. Medical Machinery
  8. Food Processing Equipment
  9. Engine and Turbine

Common Material of Shaft

The steel shaft usually is rotating for the most of time, so the material must have great mechanical property. And people usually use carbon steel and alloy steel to make the shaft.

High-quality carbon steel has high mechanical properties. And the 45# carbon steel is the most popular one of them. It needs to do the normalizing and thermal refining to improve the mechanical property. If the stress is low for shaft, and the mechanical property is not important, Q235, Q275 carbon steel also is a good choice.

Alloy steel has a higher mechanical property, but the price is higher than carbon steel. They always are used for the shaft with special requirements. Such as the high speed shaft with sliding bearings, which is made by 20Cr, 20CrMnTi and other low carbon alloy steel. Rotor spindle of turbonator is working on the condition of high temperature, high speed and heavy load, so the high-temperature mechanical property is the most important point. So we often take the 40CrNi, 38CrMoAlA and other alloy structural steel to make it.

Manufacture Processing

  1. Raw material steel ingot into the warehouse(test the chemical content)
  2. Cutting
  3. Heating(Furnace temperature test)
  4. Heat treatment after forging(Furnace temperature test) Discharge the furnace(blank inspection)
  5. Machining
  6. Inspection(UT, MT, Visual dimension, hardness)
  7. QT
  8. Inspection(UT, mechanical properties, hardness, grain size)
  9. Finish machining
  10. Inspection(dimension)
  11. Packing and Marking(steel stamp, mark)
  12. Storage Shipment

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